Birds of SSW

An eBird Checklist of Sapsucker Woods

If you’re unfamiliar with eBird, click the pic below and start exploring the world’s first database of bird distributions built on the self-entered observations by birdwatchers throughout the western hemisphere. The image below links to a histogram checklist of birds that people have reported in Sapsucker Woods over the last hundred years or so. It is possible to limit your search to specific years, months, seasons, or species, in order to visualize the changes in the bird community. You can click on each of the species, which then gives you access to more detailed information about sampling effort (the number of checklists entered) and a variety of other statistics. When you get a chance, go the eBird homepage and see what species are being entered for your county or state; I guarantee you’ll be amazed at the wealth of observations being added on a daily basis. And if you’re underwhelmed, well, I guess it’s time for you to start entering your own observations!

(If the page doesn’t load correctly, hit the refresh button.)

SSW birds


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