Unmoved by the snow…

19 11 2008

Despite the onslaught of cold, snowy days, the little blue heron that has stalked the shallows of Sapsucker Woods pond is still standing its ground. Literally. It has stood, unmoving, for nearly the entire day, on a half-submerged log on the north side of the pond. As I write, my thoughts drift toward the cold forecast for the next few days, and I wonder how many more mornings I will arrive to see that shining white beacon greet me from across the water. Stay warm, youngster, and Godspeed toward warmer (unfrozen) climes…




One response

23 11 2008
Rod Douglas

I have really enjoyed your blog. Your perspective of “all things big and small” is interesting, especially considering you are literally sitting at the mecca for bird lovers everywhere.

As we say in the usually warm south, “Ya’ll keep ’em coming.”

Rod Douglas

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