Fall Riots

24 10 2007


(The view across Sapsucker Woods pond…)

A riot of color currently awaits visitors to Sapsucker Woods. This week has seen temperatures in the 70s (!) and crystal blue skies (though right now we are suffering through an inch-and-a-half of rain [rainyith]). This change in the scenery is quite possibly one of the most beautiful times of year to visit the Lab. Though migratory birdlife is winding down, the more subtle attraction of sparrows and finches abounds, and this year in particular finds us inundated with purple finches and siskins (an uncommon visitor to SSW!) among the more common winter denizens of the woods. So, if you’ve been wanting to see a pine siskin, right now the Lab feeders are the place to be…(thanks to Ryan for the SSW-specific pix of birds)


(The view from Adelson Library, looking over the Treman Bird-feeding Garden)

Speaking of the Lab feeders, recent visitors to the Visitors’ Center will likely have noticed that there is a renovation underway in the Treman Bird Feeding Garden. Initially, the bird-feeding garden was one of the last items implemented after the construction of the new building, and was slightly overlooked in the process. Recently, a donor has emerged that pledged funds to take the garden to the next level, and by mid-November the garden will serve as a new living “interactive display” illustrating the most important tenets of landscaping for birds (referred to as “birdscaping“). Cayuga Landscape has undertaken the renovation with input from landscape architect Marv Adleman (the designer of the original bird-feeding garden in the old Stuart Observatory), myself, and others on staff (including noted Audubon birdscaping author Stephen Kress).

By next Spring the garden itself will be a riot of color, with trees and perennials blooming in beautiful colors, and the birds hopefully responding to a rich new environment full of native plants chosen for their enrichment…As the garden shapes up I will post more about its progress. If you want to watch the renovation in realtime, check out the view from our feedercam (also slated to be upgraded in the next few weeks!)




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