Casting the chorus

3 03 2007


Warm temperatures and ample sunshine have everyone betting on the predictions of the famous Gobbler’s Knob prognosticator. Yesterday and today suggest that this year’s Spring may very well come early (that is, if you don’t look at the temperatures for the coming week and the likelihood of snow tonight). While running in shorts and a long-sleeved t-shirt today I was astounded by the diversity of birds belting out verses.For at least two and a half months there have been sporadic outbursts from the titmice, the chickadees and one tough carolina wren. The last month has seen the vocal addition of a northern cardinal and a couple of drumming woodpeckers (these heavy metal, hard rock singers focus on headbanging for their songs). Today, however, standing shirtless on my front stoop in the sun, the chorus swelled to a near-cacophony, and I couldn’t help but list the species singing:

Sit back and take a listen to the birds above play first fiddle; they’ve withstood the winter and it’s time to celebrate their heartiness with a song or two. Pretty soon it’ll be harder to discern them from the flashy, loudspoken latecomers to the show…





3 responses

3 03 2007

I was thinking the same thing. The birds were so loud, it sounded like they were having a comvention. Spring must be here, the birds are here.

19 03 2007

just wanted to urge the nuthatch on to his next contemplation … there’s a spring world out there listening.

i just returned from a Europe seemingly three weeks ahead into Spring. Touring a medieval hilltop city, I saw a cool European nuthatch making a distinctly un-nuthatch-like tschipping amid the cherry blossoms. moments later, caught a black redstart gleaning the season’s first dipterids from the watchtower walls. Red kites scything over the forests… what’s happening in Ithaca?

20 03 2007
the contemplative nuthatch

[…] A special shout-out to the Scribbler for his exhortations! […]

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